Knowing Is Half The Battle

Our Security Monitoring solutions will help detect arising incidents and problems, keep records of events for troubleshooting, and can be consulted by an incident response team for all kinds of investigations. From systems events such as authentication attempts, read and write transactions on files and folders, and hardware failures, to network events such as collecting who does what on the network or finding vulnerabilities, our Security Monitoring solutions are all about knowledge, because as the saying goes: Knowing is half the battle.



Gain Awareness

Network Security Monitoring

Gain Awareness

Advantages of our Network Monitoring solution:

  • DDoS & other attack detection

  • Threat detection via IP reputation scoring

  • IP source/destination tracking

  • Data upload/download detection

  • IP Geo-location & heat map

  • Bandwidth capacity management

  • Alerting & reporting

  • & More



Collect Insightful Events

Log Management

Collect Insightful Events

Advantages of our Log Management solution:

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Files & folders access detection

  • USB & other media insertion detection

  • System health status tracking

  • Alerting & reporting

  • & More



Find Them Before They Do

Vulnerability Detection

Find Them Before They Do

Advantages of our Vulnerability Detection solution:

  • Port discovery & enumeration

  • IP discovery & enumeration

  • Malware detection

  • Real-time proactive discovery

  • Alerting & reporting

  • & More


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